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Welcome to Anvik!

Anvik Group has been promoted by persons of eminence in the field of pharmaceutical industries, having successful track record of marketing a wider range of quality drugs for the past two decades. Since its incorporation, Anvik has come a long way in marketing diverse range of therapeutic formulations crossing many obstacles to become a hub of pharma products marketing in India.

The main mission of Anvik is to develop a successful and dedicated company for marketing wide range of safe, cost effective and latest medicines of highest quality and spreading its network to the remotest place in India and abroad to serve its valued customers, thereby helping them to lead a better quality life. With the above mission Anvik aims to create a niche for itself in the pharma industry in India and to have strong bonds with those it serves.

International Quality Standards

Quality is the main objective of Anvik Biotech. Anvik markets medicines which are manufactured using most modern manufacturing facilities and observing the highest level of International quality norms. Anvik markets products which have been awarded prestigious international quality standard certifications as WHO-GMP & New Schedule ‘M’ Compliance.

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